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CPhI China 2015 Photos

Entrance Hall Booth Front View Booth Counter View
5L_Pump And Systems DAC High Performance 450 Introduction and key point discussion_1
Introduction and key point discussion_2 Introduction and key point discussion_3 Introduction of Parts and Modules_1
Introduction of Parts and Modules_2 Introduction of Parts and Modules_3 Key point discussion_1
Key point discussion_2 Key point discussion_3 Our marketing and sales colleagues

Shanghai, Shanghai Oriental Pearl / Shanghai History Museum
Oriental Pearl_1 Oriental Pearl_2 Oriental Pearl_Circumstance_1
Oriental Pearl_Circumstance_2 Oriental Pearl_Circumstance_3 Oriental Pearl_Circumstance_4
Centuries Original History_1 Opium harm_1 Opium harm_2
International Settlement Centuries Original History_2 Centuries Original History_3
Centuries Original History_4    


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