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Certified Reference Materials
 (CRMs) are ‘controls’ or standards used to check the quality and metrological traceability of products,
to validate analytical measurement methods, or for the calibration of instruments.
A certified reference material is a particular form of measurement standard
Reference materials are particularly important for analytical chemistry and clinical analysis.
Since most analytical instrumentation is comparative, it requires a sample of known composition (reference material) for accurate calibration.
These reference materials are produced under stringent manufacturing procedures and differ from laboratory reagents in their certification and the traceability of the data provided.

Quality management systems involving laboratory accreditation under national and international accreditation/certification standards such asISO/IEC 17025 require metrological traceability to Certified Reference Materials (where possible) when using reference materials for calibration.[3]
Whilst Certified Reference Materials are preferred where available,[3][4] their availability is limited. Reference Materials that do not meet all the criteria for certified reference materials are more widely available: the principal difference is the additional evidence of metrological traceability and statement of measurement uncertainty provided on the certificate for certified reference materials.[5]

General Company Information

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SPEX CertiPrep was founded in 1954 to provide superior certified reference materials and sample preparation equipment for analytical spectroscopy.
Since then, SPEX CertiPrep have gained the experience, skills, and specialized training to serve analytical scientists throughout the world.
SPEX CertiPrep offers an unparalleled selection of inorganic standards for AA, ICP, ICP/MS and LC-ICP/MS; and organic standards for GC, GC/MS, LC and LC/MS.
The SPEX CertiPrep is also capable to manufacture customized orders to meet our customers' specific requirements.
We(ABDC) and SPEX CertiPrep, are global technology and sales partners, serving application commitments for users in all institutions, industry sections, and universities, and have successfully developed globalized Certified Reference Materials Standards, COA and Preparations.

Organic Certified Reference Material

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Volatiles(Section 2)

Inorganic Certified Reference Material

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HyperLink Fusion Flux(XRF/ICP) HyperLink HyperLink ICH Global Compliance(Section 6) HyperLink pH Buffers HyperLink HyperLink 1ppm ICP-MS Singles(Section 1)
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Speciation Standards
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Standards Overview
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Contamination Control-Laboratory Products


Clean Laboratory Techniques:
How clean are your samples? If you analyze PPB or PPT levels, you might be surprised at how easily your samples and standards can become contaminated.
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