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Food Analysis Testing Services
1. Quality Control 自主檢測
2. Advanced Testing 進階檢測
3. Analysis,Purification R&D 分析及純化研發
4. Industry-Academic Co-work 產學合作專案案

Overview of Food Ingredients, Additives & Colors
食品配料, 添加劑和顏色概述
For centuries, ingredients have served useful functions in a variety of foods.
Our ancestors used salt to preserve meats and fish, added herbs and spices to improve the flavor of foods,
preserved fruit with sugar, and pickled cucumbers in a vinegar solution.
Today, consumers demand and enjoy a food supply that is flavorful, nutritious, safe,
convenient, colorful and affordable. Food additives and advances in technology help make that possible.
There are thousands of ingredients used to make foods.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains a list of over 3000 ingredients in its
data base "Everything Added to Food in the United States", many of which we use at
home every day (e.g., sugar, baking soda, salt, vanilla, yeast, spices and colors).
Still, some consumers have concerns about additives because they may see the long,
unfamiliar names and think of them as complex chemical compounds.
In fact, every food we eat - whether a just-picked strawberry or a homemade cookie - is
made up of chemical compounds that determine flavor, color, texture and nutrient value.
All food additives are carefully regulated by federal authorities and various international
organizations to ensure that foods are safe to eat and are accurately labeled.

幾個世紀以來, 配料在各種食品中發揮了有用的功能.
我們的祖先使用鹽來保存肉類和魚類, 添加草藥和香料, 以增進食物的風味,
今天, 消費者要求和享受美味, 營養, 安全, 方便, 豐富多彩和實惠的食品供應.
有成千上萬的成分用於製作食物. 美國食品和藥物管理局(FDA)
在其數據庫"美國食品添加劑的一切" 中保留了超過3000種成分的清單,
其中許多我們每天在家中使用(例如, 糖, 小蘇打, 鹽, 香草, 酵母, 香料和顏色)
儘管如此, 一些消費者仍然擔心添加劑, 因為他們可能會看到很長的, 陌生的名字,
事實上, 我們吃的每一樣食物, 無論是剛挑選的草莓還是自製的餅乾, 都是由決定味道,
顏色, 質地和營養價值的這些化合物所製成的. 所有的食品添加劑都經過聯邦當局
和各個國際組織的嚴格管理, 以確保食品的安全食用和準確標識.

What to eat, what not to eat, what to avoid, and how to improve
吃什麼, 不吃什麼, 要避免什麼, 以及如何改善 .

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What to Eat
What makes up a perfect diet?
What does a day's worth of food look like?
Foods To Avoid
Sugary drinks, salty foods,
and "Xtreme"-calorie restaurant meals
are among the things you should eat less of.
避免的食物含糖飲料, 鹹味食品和"極限"卡路里
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Ingredients of Concern
Get the facts about artificial food dyes, fake sweeteners, caffeine,
and other commonly used food ingredients.
關注的成分了解有關人造食品染料, 假甜味劑,咖啡因和其他常用食品成分的事實.
Avoiding Foodborne Illness
Learn how to reduce your risk of foodborne illness
from Salmonella, E. coli, and other pathogens.
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Tips & Articles 提示和文章
Daily advice about foods, weight loss, and supplements,
plus recipes to ward off diet-related disease.
每日關於食物, 減肥和補充劑的建議, 以及避免飲食相關疾病的食譜.
Chemical Cuisine 化學烹飪
Ranks the safety of food additives-
from acetic acid to yellow prussiate of
soda-in this definitive glossary of the chemicals used to flavor and preserve our foods.
食品添加劑安全性的分級 -
從醋酸到黃色的蘇打水-- 這是用於調味和保存我們食品的化學品的明確術語.

Close cooperation between Manufactruing, Academic and Biological Communities.

We (ABDC) work closely with local and international renowned universities
and food analysis laboratories, actively providing related services and
assistance for food producer, logistics and the public.
Welcome to contact, including:
我們(ABDC)與本地及國際知名大學, 食品分析實驗室密切合作,
積極提供食品生產者, 物流及大眾的相關服務及協助. 歡迎積極連絡,

1. Quality Control 自主檢測
2. Advanced Testing 進階檢測
3. Analysis,Purification R&D 分析及純化研發
4. Industry-Academic Co-work 產學合作專案案

List of Food Analysis Testing Services Items:

1. General Composition 一般組成
2. Nutritional labeling ingredients 營養標示成分
3. (Total) Sugar: ()
4. Eight nutrition labeling ingredients: 八大營養標示成分
5. Sugar 糖類
6. Minerals 礦物質
7. Heavy metals in food: 食品中重金屬
8. Pesticide residues 農藥殘留
9. Animal medication 動物用藥
10. Preservatives - Acids 防腐劑-酸類
11. Preservatives - Esters 防腐劑-酯類
12. Preservative - Propionic acid 防腐劑 - 丙酸
13. Artificial pigment - 人工色素
14. Sweetener: 甜味劑
15. Mushroom active ingredients: 菇類活性成分
16. Mycotoxins:真菌毒素
17. Edible oil: 食用油脂
18. Microbes: 微生物
19. Others 其他
Caffeine 咖啡因
Catechins (EC, EGC, ECG and EGCG) 兒茶素
Plasticizer (9 items) 塑化劑(9)
Monochloropropanediol (3-MCPD) 單氯丙二醇(3-MCPD)
Acrylamide 丙烯醯胺
Nitrite (calculated as NO2) 亞硝酸鹽(NO2)
Sulfur dioxide 二氧化硫
Note: For other items not listed above, suitable cost may be provided according to the difficulties,
the amount of reagents, consumable, supplies, and equipment etc., of the analysis test.
對於其他以上未列出的檢驗項目, 也能依照檢驗分析之難易, 試劑, 耗材,

Definition & Method of Items
1. General Composition 一般組成
Item 項目:
Moisture (Karl Fisher Method)
Ash content
Method 方法:
Announcement on the allowable variation range of protein, fat, carbohydrate,
calorie and sodium in commercial packaged food, and the recommended measuring
method and applicable food.


2. Nutritional labeling ingredients 營養標示成分
Item 項目:
Heat 熱量
Sodium 鈉
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat 反式脂肪
Method 方法:脂肪酸
Method of Test for Fatty Acids in Food 食品中脂肪酸之檢驗方法
3. (Total) Sugar: (總)糖
Item 項目:
Including Glucose, Fructose, Galactose, Maltose, Sucrose and Lactose
Method 方法:食糖 Method of Test for Sugars in Food 食品中糖類之檢驗方法(TFDAO0022.01)
AOAC. 1995. Carbohydrates in soluble (instant) coffee.
AOAC Official Method 995.13.
4. Eight nutrition labeling ingredients: 八大營養標示成分
Item 項目:
Includes calories, carbohydrates, protein, fats, saturated fats, trans fat, sodium and sugar.
包括熱量、碳水化合物、蛋白質、脂肪、飽和脂肪、反式脂肪、鈉及糖. .
5. Sugar 糖類
Item 項目:
Glucose 葡萄糖
Fructose 果糖
Maltose 麥芽糖
Sucrose 蔗糖
Lactose 乳糖
Method 方法: 食品中糖類之檢驗方法(TFDAO0022.01)
AOAC. 2003. Determination of trace glucose and fructose in raw cane sugar.
AOAC Official Method 2000.17.
6. Minerals 礦物質
Item 項目:
Potassium 鉀 Calcium 鈣 Magnesium 鎂 Iron 鐵 Zinc 鋅
Method 方法:
Food additive specification and test methods
7. Heavy metals in food: 食品中重金屬
Item 項目:
Aquatic products - Lead, Cadmium 水產品-鉛、鎘
Mushroom - Lead, Cadmium 菇類-鉛、鎘
Rice - Lead, Cadmium, Mercury 食米-鉛、鎘、汞
Method 方法:
Toxic heavy metal重金屬
General Method of Test for Heavy Metals 重金屬的一般測試方法
8. Pesticide residues 農藥殘留
Item 項目:
Multiple Pesticide Residues - 311 items 多重農藥殘留檢測-311項
Multiple Pesticide Residues - 310 items 多重農藥殘留檢測-310項
Method 方法:
Method of Test for Pesticide Residues in Foods-Multiresidue Analysis (5)
The "Fast, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe(FaEChERS)" Sample Extraction Kit & Method for Pesticide Residues Determination
9. Animal medication 動物用藥
Item 項目:
B-type Receptor -7 items 乙型受體素-7項
Method 方法:瘦肉精
Method of Test for Veterinary Drug Residues in FoodsTest of Multiresidue Analysis of -Agonists
10. Preservatives - Acids 防腐劑-酸類
Item 項目:
Benzoic acid, Hexadienoic acid, Deacetic acid, p-Hydroxybenzoic acid and Salicylic acid
Method 方法:食品添加劑防腐劑
Method of Test for Preservatives in Foods
Food additives test (Preservatives, coloring agents, sweeteners)
食品中添加物之檢驗 (防腐劑、著色劑、甜味劑)
11. Preservatives - Esters 防腐劑-酯類
Item 項目:
Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Isopropyl, Butyl, Dibutyl, Isobutyl
12. Preservative - Propionic acid 防腐劑 - 丙酸
Method 方法:丙酸
13. Artificial pigment 人工色素
Method 方法:食用色素
14. Sweetener: 甜味劑
Item 項目:
Acesulfame Potassium, Saccharin, Glycerin, Cyclohexylsulfomethionate
Method 方法:甜味劑
15. Mushroom active ingredients: 菇類活性成分
Item 項目:
Adenosine 腺苷
Cordycepin 蟲草素
Cordyceps acid 蟲草酸
Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps sinensis of the functional components
Crude polysaccharide 粗多糖
Crude triterpenoids 粗三萜
Method 方法:
Method of Test for Adenosine and Cordycepin in Foods in Capsule and Tablet Form

膠囊與錠狀 膠囊與錠狀 食品 中腺核苷 及蟲草素 之檢驗方法
The test of Dietary functional ingredients
16. Mycotoxins:真菌毒素
Item 項目:
Yellow curcumin toxin 黃麴毒素
Ocher venom toxin 赭麴毒素
Method 方法:真菌毒素黃麴黴素赭麴毒素
Method of Test for Mycotoxins in Foods-Test of Multimycotoxin
Method of Test for Mycotoxin in Foods-Test of Aflatoxins
Method of Test for Mycotoxin in Foods-Test of Aflatoxins
Method of Test for Mycotoxin in Food -Test of Ochratoxin A
食品中黴菌毒素檢驗方法-赭麴毒素A 之檢驗
17. Edible oil: 食用油脂
Item 項目:
Erucic acid 芥酸
Acid Value 酸價
Benzo (pyrene) pyrene 苯駢芘
Method 方法:食用油酸值苯并[a]芘多環芳香烴
Oil test items and methods 油品之檢驗項目及方法
Establishment of Multiple Residue Test Method for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Edible Fats
食用油脂中多環芳香族碳氫化合物多重殘留 檢驗方法之建立
18. Microbes: 微生物
Item 項目:
Total number of bacteria 總生菌數
Coliform 大腸桿菌群
Escherichia coli 大腸桿菌
The total number of lactic acid bacteria 總乳酸菌數
Method 方法:微生物菌落形成單位大腸桿菌乳桿菌屬
Methods of Test for Food Microorganisms - Test of Standard Plate Count (Aerobic Plate Count)
Methods of Test for Food Microorganisms-Test of Coliform bacteria
Methods of Test for Food Microorganisms -Test of Escherichia coli
Methods of Test for Food Microorganisms-Test of Lactic Acid Bacteria
19. Other Items 其他項目
Caffeine 咖啡因
Method 方法:咖啡因
Method of Test for Caffeine in Soft Drinks 飲料中咖啡因之檢驗方法
Catechins (EC, EGC, ECG and EGCG) 兒茶素
Method 方法:兒茶素
Method of Test for Catechins in Drink
Analysis of Catechins in Tea Beverage by Liquid Chromatography
Plasticizer 塑化劑
Method 方法:塑化劑
Method of Test for Phthalate Plasticizers in Foods
Monochloropropanediol (3-MCPD) 單氯丙二醇(3-MCPD)
Method 方法:氯-1,2-丙二醇
Method of Test for 3-Monochloro-1,2-propanediol in Food (I)
Method of Test for 3-Monochloro-1,2-Propanediol in Soy Sauce
Acrylamide 丙烯醯胺
項Method 方法:丙烯醯胺
Acrylamide toxicity data 丙烯醯胺毒性資料
Method of Test for Acrylamide in Foods
Nitrite (calculated as NO2) 亞硝酸鹽(以NO2計)
Method 方法:亞硝酸鹽
Method of Test for Nitrite in Foods
Method of Test for Nitrate and Nitrite in Vegetables
Sulfur dioxide 二氧化硫
Method 方法:二氧化硫
Method of Test for Sulfur Dioxide in Foods
Method of Test for Sulfur Dioxide in Disposable Chopsticks
Method of Test for Sulfur Dioxide in Foods (GC/MS Method)
Method of Test for Alcoholic Beverages -Test of Sulfur Dioxide (1)

If you have any analysis and testing needs, please contact us actively.
若有任何檢測需求, 歡迎積極連絡.

Note: 附註
1. Completion date: 
The processing sequence is in accordance with the application order cascade,
the completion date depend on the property and requirement of the items for test,
and may be usually about four weeks.
However, if the client has special needs, "urgent handling" may be applied for with the
double cost and about two weeks for the completion date, or otherwise arrangement.
但委託者有特殊需要者, 可申請「急件辦理」, 其費用加收一倍(完成日期約二週)或另議

2. Other items:
For other items not listed above, suitable cost may be provided according to the
difficulties, the amount of reagents, consumable, supplies, and equipment etc.,
of the analysis test.
對於其他以上未列出的檢驗項目, 也能依照檢驗分析之難易, 試劑, 耗材, 器材等成本多寡

3. Use and legal effect:
The test report is for reference purposes only, and is very helpful for internal
autonomous QC.
The report is only responsible for the submission of samples, shall not be used as proof
of litigation or advertising publications and other commercial promotional purposes.
the relevant practitioners also did not have obligations to attend various kinds of
briefings or public proof.
檢驗報告僅供參考用, 對於內部自主品管特別有幫助.
檢驗報告僅供參考用, 並只對送檢樣品負責, 不得做為訴訟上之證明或出版物之廣告等商業宣傳
推銷之用. 各有關檢驗人員亦無出席各種說明會或公開證明之義務

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