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Heat Exchanger Introduction


Working Principal


The material enter into the equipment, across the cooling plate due to gravity, the heat will be taken away by the coolant medium (water) .

The advantage is free dust in process, high heat transfer efficiency, environmental friendly,

low power and energy saving. It can help to replace fluidized bed cooler and drum cooling machine.

Equipment Constitute

  • The inlet--material inlet;

  • Cooling crate--core parts, use special welding production process;

  • The outlet--special design, stable flowrate rate and temperature control;

  • Control system--inlet/ outlet temperature control, make sure the cooling efficiency.


Leading with Quality, Performance and Cost

Our partners, the Micro-Chemical Technology is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on research and production of the Micro Reactor & Heat Exchanger with independent intellectual properties, that based on the integration and refining of the global research and engineering practice.
Our main equipments is for mixing, reacting, synthesizing, extracting process in the chemical production technologies, in the fields like phosphorus chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, fine chemicals and so on.
We also have advanced technology on dust-free cooling equipment of solid particles, powder materials.

Product Series

 SCHE Heat Exchanger
 SCHR Heat Exchanger/Reactor
 SCHC  Heat Exchanger/Condenser
 SCGG Gas-gas Heat Exchanger
 SCLG  Liquid-gas Heat Exchanger

Equipment advantage

 Stable cooling temperature control.
    the difference between material cooling   
    temperature and coolant temperature is around
&    5-8 ℃.
 Non influence from external humidity;
 Only 10-15% of the conventional equipment.
 Free exhaust gas discharge, no need extra gas
    removal facilities.
 Simple structure, easy to reform.
 Static equipment, less maintenance cost.
 low running cost, more energy saving.

Expense Comparison-- Equipment/p>


SN Item Heat Exchanger10,000 Tradition Equipment Remark
1 Fan 0 8 40,000 m³
2 Baghouse 0 30 40,000 m³
3 Cooling Tower 10 0 40m³
4 Scrubber 0 10  
5 Chimney 0 5  
Total   10 53  


Expense Comparison--Installation


SN Item Heat       Exchanger10,000 Tradition Equipment Remark
1 Equipment Installation 3 15  
2 Basic  Equipment 0.8 6  
3 Pipeline 1 5  
4 Feet 1.2 12 600/Sqm
Total   6 38  

Expense Comparison--Maintenance 

SN Item Heat Exchanger10,000 Tradition Equipment Remark
1 PowerKw 15 100  
2 Annual Electricity Cost 6 40 8000h0.5 per degree
3 Repair 0.5 5  
Total   6.5 45  

Applications :

Granular Fertilizer 

Granular urea, nitro, urea-based compound fertilizer and so on

Various Polymers
 PE / PP powders or granules, PA, PVC

Various Mineral

Activated carbon, alumina, ceramic beads, coal ash

Salt / alkali Powder

Soda, potassium sulfate, boric acid, calcium

chloride, calcium hypochlorite, calcium defluorinated


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