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Precision Engineering -- Ultra-Precision Machining and applications
The sophisticated high resolution chemical analysis instrument and manufaturing process equipments, such as HPLC-MS, GC-MS, IC, AA, ICP, ICP-MS, preparative HPLC/MPLC etc. are all produced and based on the precision manufacturing technologies.
As our consistant effort, we constantly provide helpful connections among the analysis instrument, the precision manufacturing , and professional communities.

Precision engineering
Precision engineering is a subdiscipline of electrical engineering, software engineering, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, and optical engineering concerned with designing machines, fixtures, and other structures that have exceptionally low tolerances, are repeatable, and are stable over time.
Also, the Precision engineering have applications in machine tools, MEMS, NEMS, optoelectronics design, and many other fields.

Broad application spectrum
The applications of High Performance Precision Engineering have spanned a broad spectrum, not limited to but including:

Laser optics and systems:
Mirrors with direct water-cooling used for multi-kilowatt top-performance lasers, focusing heads, beam switches, scanner optics
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Aluminum lightweight optics for satellites, mirrors for observatories and telescopes, sensor components for precise navigation of spacecraft
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Gratings and structured rollers :
Foils for TFT monitors, light guiding in architecture, diffractive elements for infrared radiatio
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Medical technology:
PPrecision equipment in the manufacture of endoscopes, polygon scanners in examination and treatment of eye defects with laser, and micro-focusing mirrors in laser beam guidance systems for surgeons.
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Ultra-precision machine components:
UUltra-precision machine components, aerostatic bearings for frictionless operation of machines in the manufacture of optics
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Vacuum clamping plates:
VaVacuum clamping plates for semi-conductor wafers (“chucks”), miniature aerostatic bearings for nanometer positioning in wafer steppers
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We(ABDC) are global technology and sales partners of
the ADTEK UltraPrecision Co.,Ltd,
and the Kugler - Precision,

We provide application commitments for users in research institutions, industry sections, universities etc.,
and have help our customers successfully with high performance instrumentations with globalized intellectual properties.
Multi-Axis Micromachining:
ThThe machining not only of metals with small and smallest tools requires highest positioning accuracy in the submicrometer range, high spindle speed rates of up to 200,000 rotations
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Ultraprecision Machining:
ThThe Kugler typical optical quality, combined with finest micro- chipping, e.g. for micro fluidic channels
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Laser Micromachining:
From the simple laser marking to the complex three-dimensional surface structuring - the Kugler laser cutting and welding systems have been especially developed for innovative machining
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Precision Assembly:
The engineering of optical measuring instruments, the assembly of air-bearing components, the usage of high-frequency spindles in scanners: KUGLER has the expertise, the measuring instruments, the clean room and - last but not least - the experienced employees
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Optics / UP-Machining
Laser Optics:
ThThe classic field of application for metal optics: Resonator mirror, beam guidance system and focusing lenses in laser machining systems from a few 100 watt to several 10 kilowatt
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Laser System Components:
ThThe optics alone does not make a laser: Focusing heads, beam switches, bending units, polarizers - all these sophisticated Kugler system components
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Plastic Parts:
OpOptical Quality Diamond Turning and 5-Axis Ultra-Precision Milling of Plastic Components
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Metall optics:
OpOptical quality surface finish on metal components is realized by turning and milling processes. Optical quality without polishing. Whether in aeronautics or laser technology, for measurement instruments and in medical technology
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Special projects: Ultraprecision components in the aerospace, in the most modern semiconductor factories in the world or perhaps even in the next supermarket
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Air bearings, actuators, optical components - particle free cleanroom assembly at Kugler!
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Measurement and Alignment:  Laser interferometry, load capacity measurement, electrical functionality: Alignment procedures and calibrated metrology in the Kugler cleanroom environment!
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Cleaning and Packaging:
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Coordinate measurement:
Kugler owns one of the most precise coordinate measuring machines in southern Germany
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Kugler manufactures interferometers from 1983 to 2002. We still know how to use them
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Non-contact measurement:
Do not touch the surface! This is sometimes absolutely required when measuring precision parts
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Components for metrology:
Kugler supplies air bearing components and optics or metrology applications
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Ultra-Precision Machines 
Micro Machining Systems:
TTThe ultra-precision micro machining systems made by Kugler are top-selling products in the field of university research and science as well as in industry.
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Flycutting milling centers:
Kugler flycutting milling centers are high-precision, CNC controlled 2- to 4-axis milling machines
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Drum turning lathes:
TDM The Kugler drum turning lathes TDM are precision lathes with aerostatic bearings for high-precision machining of rotation-symmetrical workpieces
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Magnetic Test Benches:
Kugler Magnetic Measurement Test Benches MMB are extremely sturdy, state-of-the-art air-bearing linear systems
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Standard Components:
Based on long-year experience, the Kugler GmbH in Salem today produces micromachining systems that range among the top worldwide
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Special Machines:
Many noteworthy universities, research foundations and institutions entrust us with the manufacturing and development of new, revolutionary technologies.
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The Ultrasonic Elliptical Vibration Cutting System
The advantage of metal optics over glass lenses is the possibility to integrate directly Mounting pads, Cooling systems and References surfaces, that often simplifies the design of housings and optical systems. Even in case of using conventionally polished round glass optics, complex element mounts with micrometer accuracy enabling high-precision centering or easy compensation of thermal effects.

While some special parts or elements, especially in the high pressure gas or liquid systems, special driving mechanism, the requirement for very hard and rigid materials become must.
Diamond tools cannot usually be applied for machining hardened steels or galss while applying conventional cutting technique. As an alternative, Ultrasonic Elliptical Vibration Cutting (UEVC) technique is very useful for these usages.
Experimental study on ultrasonic elliptical vibration cutting of hardened steel using PCD tools
For the UEVC, We(ABDC) are global technology and sales partners of the Yehjet Enterprise,
and the Taga Electric Co., Ltd.,


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