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Preparative Chromatography Column Media(Packing Materials)

Rather than analysis purposes, the Preparative chromatography is used to purify sufficient quantities of a substance for further use, ........

Preparative Chromatography Technology
As the drug and food safety issues have growing concerns, the general public, industry and regulatory have become increasingly demanding for the quality and purity of drug and functional food and traditional techniques and methods has been difficult to meet the high performance purification and separation needs, particularly in drug and functional food fields.

The preparative chromatography technology, with its unique features of high selectivity and excellent process stability, has become the ideal solution to the separation and purification demands that increase persistantley and rapidly in a variety of practical applications,
and has become one of the major technical requirements for the development and upgrading of the pharmaceutical and bio-chemical industries. 

The sizes of Preparative Purification is denoted as Semi-preparation, Pilot and Industrial process scales.
Comprehensive applications:
l Target active drug molecules
l Natural pharmaceutically active ingredients
l Bio-fermentation products
l Macromolecular drugs as peptides and proteins
l Functional and active ingredients of natural product
l Pharmaceutical impurities
l Reference standards

Our Team Partner:


We(ABDC) and ACChrom are global technology and sales partners, serving application commitments for users in research institutions, industry sections, universities, and have successfully developed high performance preparative and analytical chromatography seperation media with globalized intellectual properties.

Core Construction :
The core construction of our preparative chromatography technology is based the increasing of the selectivity of separation medium (packing material) to achieve the chromatography resolution demand.
Various aspects including the surface bonding phase, structural design, and surface bonding density optimization, etc., are selectively enhanced and regulated to realize best and optimized selectivity.
We take advantages for our completely independent intelligence properties and local R&D and manufacturing capacities,that we can respond quickly to product delivery timing and to specific customization needs !

Optimized material surface to achieve superior selectivity.
l  High loading capacity tthat improves production efficiency, reduce process costs.
l  Excellent chemical stability ensuring repeatability, long lifeHigh mechanical strength with a good life
     and stabile column pressure.

l  Full range of packing material for various preparation development needs.
l  Customized packing material design and production.
Precision bonding process ensures stable and consistent batch qualities.
l  Excellent linear amplification capability to achieve all kinds of optimized preparation process development.
l  From Gram to Ton production capacity


Polar-copolymerized technology :
Compatible with pure aqueous phase
Good retention for polar compounds
l Superior peak shape in low pH without salt and ion pair
l High loading capacity
Patent No: ZL200910012845.1
Patent Name: Preparation of chromatography media based on copolymerization reaction on silicone surface

Overloading study of basic compounds with a positively charged C18 column in liquid chromatography

Conventional C18/C8
The high energy adsorption sites and silanol group of conventional C18 bonded phase will cause tailing peak for alkaline compound samples, resulting very limited loading capacity to alkaloids.
Polar-copolymerized C18/C8
Under low pH, without salt or ion pair, perfectly symmetrical peak and very high loading capacity are acruired for alkaloid compounds.

Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC)
HILIC is very suitable for the efficient separation of oligosaccharides owing to its characteristics and superiority.
The available HILIC stationary phases for separating small pharmaceuticals include hydroxyl-, zwitterionic- or polymer-modified silica materials. However, due to high polarity, and the structural variety of isomeric structures, the separation technology and materials dedicated for separation of oligosaccharides are limited.
Unique Novel Separation Materials:
Based on the excellent technology advantages in HILIC, amide-modified stationary phase Click Amide and maltose-bonded silica material Click Mal are specially developed by Acchrom for the separation and purification of oligosaccharides with high resolution.

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