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Pressure Filter
Pneumatic driving Pressure Filters :

Pressure filters, with the exception of the Rotary Drum Filter, are semi-continous type machines
that enter a wash and cake discharge mode at the end of the fitration cycle.
The fitration cycle may extend from 5-10 minutes on cake filration applications and up to many hours
for the polishing of liquids.

Leading with Quality, Performance and Cost :
Our partners, the FRAPP'S Chemical Industrial is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on research and production of the Pneumatic Driving Pressure Filter with independent intellectual properties, that based on the integration and refining of the global research and engineering practice.

FLG pneumatic pressure filter is independently developed filter of our company, and is one kind of new type, efficient, energy-saving and sophisticated new product. It is suitable for solid-liquid separation for a variety of suspensions, with a wide range of application, good separation effect, simple structure, easy operation, safety and reliability, and have been widely used in medicine, food , chemicals, dyes, coal washing, petroleum, metallurgy and other fields. It is also suitable for various fields that need solid-liquid separation, as the treatments of industrial wastes for pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, paper, leather, MSG(Monosodium Glutamate) and others, and for urban sewage.

The filter materials and structures inside the filter is composed by the high precision 316L sintered multi-layer plate filter sieve. The liquid flows into the sintered plate filter sieve from the inlet, filtered and flow out with solids intercepted in filtering bag inside of the sintered

plate filter sieve. FLG pneumatic pressure filter system is mainly based on the principle of surface filtration and adsorption filtration, with accurate, efficient, stable features, and can reach filter diameter precision of 5-200μm.

Compared with ordinary filter, FLG series Pressure Filter has the following characteristics:

1. Replace Centrifuge.

2. Entire system operation is sealed, no pollution

Pressure Filter is a sealed system that uses pneumatic A, B, C-type flange pneumatic locking technology, Y-type silicone rubber and fluorinated rubber gas seals, that features excellent sealing, no odor spills, and preventing from leakage.

3. Adopt switching devices driven by compressed air with no power demanded, that reduces risk factors and is safe and reliable.

4. With large filtering area, fast filtering speed to shorten the

production cycle.

5. Applicable on pressurized filtering for media from various solid-liquid separation, activated carbon separation, etc.

6. Filter precision: 5-200um (+/-2%).

System Structure



Pressure Filter is a cylindrical steel container.  

The liquid enters through the inlet, filtered by the high-precision 316L sintered filter plate inside,
then to the reservor tank department.
The impurities / solids will be intercepted into filter bag of the sintered plate .
Pressure filter system is mainly based on three filtration principles, that is depth filtration and surface filtration,
and adsorption filtration, and has accurate, high efficient and stable characteristics.

The main technical parameters:

Specification Diameter Height Volume Material
FLG-600 600mm 400mm 110L Stainless steel / Sintered plate
750mm 210L
FLG-800 800mm 400mm 200L Stainless steel / Sintered plate
750mm 380L
FLG-1000 1000mm 400mm 310L Stainless steel / Sintered plate
750mm 580L

    Activated carbon particle size distribution





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